Terms and conditions

Please read our conditions carefully before you make a booking.


Terms and Conditions

We apply the Horeca Nederland uniform conditions for all our bookings, which can be downloaded at www.khn.nl  Please note that the following cancellation conditions cancel out any other conditions mentioned in these uniform conditions.

Cancellation conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to bookings placed via a direct channel, ie by telephone, e-mail or online on our own website. External travel agencies such as Booking.com, Expedia or VVV Zeeland apply their own conditions. For cancellations via such travel agencies you should contact the relevant agency and the conditions under which you entered the booking will always be applied. Unfortunately we cannot respond to special requests for reduction of cancellation costs.

Extra information about COVID-19 and any effects on your booking.

Cancellation policies

At the moment we use our normal conditions for every booking. We choose not to adjust this, both for the benefit of the guest (fully refundable) and for the benefit of the accommodation (fully non-refundable). By now, every guest who has booked after April 1, 2020 knows what situation is going on and takes a well-considered risk when he or she books and thus accepts that the risk lies with the guest this time. Bookings made before April 1, 2020 have now had more than 4 months to cancel the booking and we therefore take the position that every guest now knows what risk is associated with a booking and therefore accepts that the risk of the booking. booking is with the guest. Unfortunately, we do not accept requests for exceptions to the cancellation conditions when the situation arises that guests prefer not to travel or a negative travel advice is issued by a (foreign) government for the Netherlands or specifically the Zeeland region. This means that the only situation where the cancellation conditions become void is the situation where our accommodations are closed by the government and we can therefore no longer provide our services. We also emphasize that in this situation the lease is unilaterally dissolved without the right to replacement accommodation. After all, this is no longer available due to force majeure, because it would be forbidden to provide tourist accommodation in the entire region.

Quarantine rules

We also strongly emphasize that a possible quarantine obligation of the Dutch government (as well as a possible obligation of another government when you return home) does not give the right to dissolve the lease. This risk lies with you as a guest, because it can now be considered known to everyone. So take into account a quarantine period and / or inform yourself about the possibilities to avoid or shorten it by means of a test.

Negative test evidence

If, now or in the future, the Dutch government decides to make a negative test certificate compulsory when entering the Netherlands, you must take care of the formalities yourself. Please note, in the event of a positive test result, you may be denied access to the Netherlands, but this does not release you in any way from the obligations arising from the conclusion of a rental contract. Of course we are flexible in these situations if, for example, you want other people to use the reservation in your place, as far as this is within our capabilities.

We hereby emphasize that in the period after 15 March we dealt with the situation very leniently, because then no one could reasonably expect that a pandemic would develop. At that time we, as accommodation, have borne the damage for almost 100%. Now the situation is such that every guest knows what risk there is and we as an accommodation cannot again accept all damage, rightly or wrongly, when a (foreign) government, rightly or wrongly, imposes negative travel advice or you as a guest do not wish to travel more.

We ask for your understanding here and we ask you to make a good consideration and therefore have a good understanding that you are capable of taking the risk yourself. There are some insurers that still offer cancellation insurance, even under these circumstances, so you can insure yourself.

Hotel In den Brouwery / Villa Elisabeth / Hotel Bosch & Zee

Because we unfortunately see a large increase in (unnecessary) cancellations, we are forced to increase the fixed cancellation costs to € 50.00 per accommodation as of 19-7. If you have any doubts about traveling during these times, we advise you to book only last minute.

Cancellation untill

28 days prior to arrival

€50,00 administration fee for each reserverd accommodation

21 days prior to arrival

20% of the total rent with a minimum of €50,00

14 days prior to arrival

40% of the total rent with a minimum of €50,00

7 days prior to arrival

60% of the total rent with a minimum of €50,00

1 days prior to arrival

80% of the total rent with a minimum of €50,00

On arrival day 100% of the total rent 


Les Maisons Holiday Homes

Given the nature of this rental (specific homes, fixed arrival days, often early booking), holiday homes can unfortunately not be canceled after booking. Take this into account when choosing.


We strongly advise you to take out travel cancellation und illness insurance with your insurance agent. Save us, but especially yourself, a lot of annoyance by covering your own risk in advance. We apply our cancellation policy strictly and can therefore always offer you the best price, in which no surcharges for cancellations are included.


Leaving the down payment in no way means that your booking will be automatically canceled. If you wish to cancel, you must always inform us in writing.

Payments methods

We accept payments via Maestro and V-Pay (debit card), in addition you can of course pay cash. If you wish to pay a large amount in cash, we request that you make this known in advance, due to a limited presence of change. Unfortunately we do not accept creditcard payments.